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♥ A relationship should not mean ' I don't talk to my friends anymore'. Never lose your friends because of a relationship.


♥ Women are like iPhones: You have to touch them all over before they respond. Men are like Blackberries: Rub one ball and everything moves.


♥ People call it 'jealousy'. I call it ' fear of losing you'.


♥ A pretty face doesn't always mean a pretty heart.


♥ I wish i had the power to ignore you, like you ignore me.


♥ Behind every beautiful girl there's a guy who did her wrong and made her strong.


♥ If you've always cared what others thnk of you, you haven't lived your own life yet.


♥ Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.


♥ When a girl tells you her problems, it doesn't mean she's complaining, it means she trusts you.


♥ A great boyfriend is proud of you, he doesn't try to hide you.



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ingrid damsgaard

ingrid damsgaard

14, Hamar

Hei:-) Jeg er ei jente fra Hamar som blogger om det meste som skjer i hverdagen og åssen jeg har det! Jeg blogger ikke så ofte, men håper du liker den:)